Saturday, October 8, 2011


Whoops… My blogging mood is on again. ^^. So here I am. Blogging. xD

Before I start telling anything about my life, I just want to scream that


Why I have a sudden crush on smiley?

Well, easy. Because I want to remind myself that...

I will always hang a smile on my face. Just like SMILEY =).


College life is just awesome!! I feel so comfortable with my life now and it so much. =). Although there are tons of assignments waiting ahead but I like it! Because assignments can put you in an attentiveness mode and will always keep you occupied. In addition, you will have the successful feeling when you put efforts on your assignment and the results turn out to be okay. ^^. Hehe. Just like our PSA presentation. I was so worried that our presentation wasn't perfect and our idea won’t be chosen. BUT Miracle happened! Haha. My idea was being selected by “teddy bear”. Feel so happy with it. By the way, you will never guess our title correctly. Haha.


You might find it hilarious but this is what I came up with. >.^. haha.

Ok. Let’s move on to another topic.

Hmph… I can feel the change in me.

Not my appearance but it’s my personality that changed. =). I hope it’s a good thing for me.

Yet, I’m still changing. Change for better? I hope. Hehe. I bet that this change will bring a big impact to my life. Hwaiting Smiley =)

Well, I think I will just keep this short and simple. =). If not I will bored you guys away. (Just like Mr.Wajed) Okay. So that’s all for today. Hope I will update soon then. ^^.

Anyeong. =)

I love my red baseball jacket. cool huh? =P

Friday, July 29, 2011



I have the sudden thought of blogging AGAIN... haha. It had been some time since I drop by and update this dead blog. haha. xD.

Yeah! Everything is back on track. ^^. I am really happy with it. haha. So lucky that my problems were all solved. No more stressing or emo-ing. =D. Wohoo~ I love my life now. ^^. Although I'm kind of busy these days (outing outing outing) and my parents are quite mad at me now. haha. This is what will happen when you left a car to a girl like me. I think they have expected this earlier than I do. >.^. haha.

College is interesting and fun! =D. I love it. Met a lot of friends here and I love them so much. ^^. They actually banned me from saying sorry and paiseh. LOL! @@. Anything wrong ah? I annoyed them too much? T^T. YOU'RE MY HEARTBREAKER~ *pling pling plang plang*. LOL!

I just realised that dancing is part of my life now? haha. I feel happy whenever I'm dancing. Although I might not be a good dancer but at least I enjoy the whole process... ^^. hehe. I might be lazy too... some times. haha! IGNORE ME! damn it. what the hell wrong is with me today? @@. I have no idea...

Well, actually I got nothing much to update. =). Just come here for fun. haha. weird me huh~ I know I know. Yevon, you don't have to repeat this over and over again. LOL. OK!



haha. I guess I will just stop here lah. Just want to come here sampat only. hehe. Hope I will update soon? when the mood comes lah. haha.

I look so handsome with moustache. xD


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I couldn't sleep for the entire night. Don't know what the hell wrong is with me. Thinking too much again? I doubt that. haihz. or maybe I woke up by hunger? Didn't had my dinner last night. haihz.

Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day. very happy day. Hanging out with San, hy and wy. Besides, yesterday was my first day driving alone. FIRST TIME. Yeah. FINALLY right. ><. Yesterday I was really happy. The happiest outing ever. But... after picking up a phone call, my face went down. Tho I had expected this but I didn't know it was that fast. My brother told me to go back home before 10pm. so I thought my parents were concerned about my safety. I was like yeah. Ok. After that my brother called again and asked me to go back immediately. But I parked my car at San's house so I have to go to her house first. Then now only I know what's going on. My uncle just passed away. I was like... yeah. speechless. I don't know what to say. All I can do now is pray for him. =(

The last time I saw him was a month ago. He was real skinny that time. I really cannot imagine how will I react later when I saw him. ><. My feeling now is indescribable.

Uncle, rest in peace.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I don't think I can stand this any more... why?!

will burst into tears any time... ><...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

missing you~

whee~ back to update again.. sorry again bloggie.. haha...

guess what? I keep replaying the same song tonight.. ^^... trying to "upload" the lyrics and the melody into my mind.. ^^. I love this song so much. It had been some time I have ever found a song like this.. that I'll never get bored of listening to it for the whole night.. ^^. yeah.. Tamia's Officially missing you~ <3.. like the lyrics...and the melody... hehe...

well... if you asked me why I like this song so much.. easy.. suit my mood for now.. ^^... missing you so much...but too bad you will never ever know how much I miss you.. haha... I miss you~ feel like shouting it out!! yes! I MISS YOU! I'm shouting~ LOL! ignore.. being samapt here again. ^^.

Missing somebody should be quite suffering right. but I'm the other way round.. I like the feeling of missing you~ it just make me feel good. ^^. and I'm in a happy mood today. =). You made my day. hehe. ^^.

cuase this pain I feel it wont go away...and today I'm officially missing you~ <3
Can't nobody do it like you.. said every little thing you do... hey baby say it, stays on my mind.. and I.. I'm officially missing you~
Well I wish that you could call me right now ....So that I could get through to you some how ...But I guess it's safe to say baby I'm officially missing you... ♥

Friday, April 15, 2011


Back to blog again.. xD

There is some confusion in me. ><. Haihz. I don't know what am I thinking. Seriously.. I just feel weird... ><. I really don't know why was everything ended up like this. ==. But I choose to give up now. I dont know why and I dont want to know now. Really dont know what can I do more. So... just let it be lah.. it's not worth to keep myself waiting... so.. yeah...

ok.. it's just some of my thoughts. ><. haha. Don't wanna care anymore.. i dont care~ I dont care~ 2ne1's song. haha. Addicted to this song again. ^^. Cuz it's just suit my feeling at the right moment. So yeah. haha. xD.

Ok... I think... I will just stop here? Just now I stone there for like a few mins and I couldn't think of anything to write. ><. I'm stuck! haha. xD. So... see ya? haha. Will update soon. and... I MISS FICM... You guys are awesome.. ^^...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Booha... xD

Guess where am I now? haha. I'm in the library now.. wohoo~ updating blog. still got 2 hours to go. damn boring. haihz. T^T. Dont know what to do lor. T^T.

Actually I got nothing much to update.. just... come here for fun? Most of my friends went to sunway watch movie d. Left the 4 of us here in the library. stone. =/. haha. Kinda boring actually. But I have to save money from now lah. ><.

OH YEAH! Someone sang You are not alone today during the presentation. OMG! haha. He is sooooooWEIRD! I'm really sorry to say that lah.. but... ><. you know.. LOL!

ok lah. haha. will update more tonight.. if I'm free. ><. haha. So yeah.. that's all.. ciao.. ^^